John Dickson leads choral conducting masterclass

During rehearsals for our 2016 Christmas concert we were delighted to host Dr. John Dickson, Director of Choral Studies at Louisiana State University, for a choral conducting masterclass.

The internationally known conducting pedagogue put emerging conductors Adam Hope, Blandine de Raulin, Patrick Barrett and Lucy Morris through their paces as each worked with the choir on a piece from our current repertoire. The conductors and choir alike were fascinated to see John making adjustments to conducting gesture, and recognised the resulting alterations in sound and musical interpretation that could be achieved. The choir was invited to participate with their feedback on the participants’ conducting.

John and the students praised Coro for their responsiveness and focus, which produced an instant response when they experimented with John’s suggestions.

It was a lively evening of learning and music making; we wish the conductors every success in their choral careers and look forward to welcoming John again in the future.